Fitness Philanthropy - and Fun for Kids - with the Amman-a-thon

This year we are highlighting The Amman-a-thon, our signature fitness fun-draising activity in which students practice their athletic skills with the intent of raising funds to support Amman Imman's projects.  Amman-a-thons have become yearly events at several schools.  We'd like to see more schools implementing this activity! To learn more visit our Amman-a-thon campaign page.  From there, you'll be able to download a step-by-step Planning Guide and Fundraising Kit. We share some stories about the Amman-a-thon here:

Several years ago some of the students in the 1st-3rd grade Peace Arbor class at the Oneness-Family School in Chevy Chase, Maryland expressed their disappointment when, due to other Saturday commitments,  they would not be able to attend the first Walk for Water at Lake Frank.  In response, the students and their teachers created an in-school event to raise funds for Amman Imman in which the whole class could participate.  Thus the Amman-a-thon was born.

Students at the Oneness-Family School doing their Amman-a-thon in 2009.  
One student spins a hula hoop while her partner counts the number of revolutions.  
Students get sponsors among family, friends and neighbors to give between 1 cent and 25 cents per spin. 
A class of 30 students can raise $3,000 - $5,000.  
Lessons like "every little bit adds up to alot" abound.

The activity was an immediate hit among these 6-9 year olds.  They were very excited to improve their physical fitness skills -  like shooting baskets, jumping rope, etc. - and collect sponsorship $ to help the Azawak at the same time.  The activity has become a yearly event.  Every spring, the students look forward to choosing the skills they want to develop, practicing, and competing with themselves on Amman-a-thon day to exceed their top score in order to raise funds.

Cartwheeling for the Azawak
The Amman-a-thon has become a yearly mainstay at several schools.  At Five Oaks Academy in South Carolina this fitness fundraising activity started in Bonnie Benthall's lower elementary classroom but now includes the entire school.   Over 100 students, up through middle school, get involved in running, jumping, cartwheeling, hula hooping, basketball dribbling, and other activities, surpassing their best in order to do their best for the children of the Azawak.  Even 2 year olds practice balancing with the help of their teacher and raise funds (with the help of their parents!).

The 6-9 year old students of Cornerspring Montessori in Belfast, Maine have been steadfast Amman Imman supporters since 2009 when 6-year-old Owen presented the project to his class.  Since then they've done several fundraisers, including an Amman-a-thon fashioned like an Olympics.   Their teacher reported that the students "learned about compassion and generosity, and taught all of us about the boundless capacity each of us has to change things". 

Running practice
+Keystone Montessori School  students did their first Amman-a-thon last year, a little differently than other schools.  Rather than choose their own individual skills to practice, the group practiced running laps all together. On Amman-a-thon Day, the class ran as many laps as they could in a given time, with their parents cheering them on.  This year, the class plans to choose a different activity that they will all work towards mastery on together.

Hula hooping
Evergreen Montessori in Silver Spring, Maryland held an Amman-a-thon last year after three elementary-aged students embraced Amman Imman's cause as their own.  Their enthusiasm spirited the rest of the class as they hopped, jumped and hula-hooped to raise funds collectively.

We invite you to give your students the opportunity to develop their fitness skills while expressing their compassion by holding an Amman-a-thon at your school.  Again, please visit this link on the Amman Imman website where you can download a Planning Guide and Fundraising Kit.  And don't hesitate to contact me (info at ammanimman) with your questions and ideas!   All together we can make difference!


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