Dedicated students at Keystone Montessori make a big impact

Our Heroes of Compassion at Keystone Montessori
I first learned about Keystone Montessori  in Chelmsford, Massachusetts from Sue Wood, one of the founders and business manager of the school.  Sue offered to help get schools in Massachusetts involved in Amman Imman's Wells of Love program. We discussed organizing a tour of local schools to present Amman Imman.  She suggested that I focus on larger schools for a bigger impact.

Warming up
Little did either of us realize that a small group of young students collaborating as a team at Keystone Montessori would make a very big impact. During this school year, 15 students in the upper classroom at Keystone Montessori, with the help of teacher Meghan Duffy, worked hard for the Azawak.

After learning about scarce water conditions in the region and finding out that they could help Amman Imman reach clean water deep in the ground, these diligent 6 - 10 year olds went to work. They participated in an Amman-a-thon, an activity that combines athletics, math and philanthropy.   For three months, they practiced running laps to build their skills and endurance.

Running practice
In May, the class held their Amman-a-thon.  Students ran laps in the school's yard around a course marked by cones, as their partners counted how many could run in 5 minutes. Family and friends sponsored them for $1 per lap. Parent attended the event to cheer on these humanitarian athletes.

Their hard work and dedication resulted in an accomplishment that will have a tremendous impact in saving lives in the Azawak.  They raised $1,400!  What an accomplishment borne out of the dedication and compassion of these young heroes!

The Amman-a-thon had an big impact on the students themselves, providing physical education and raising global awareness.

Meg Duffy wrote,

"Thanks so much for such a wonderful learning opportunity. The children, I think, have really understood what it means to be a global citizen even with 5,000 miles separating them from something they can't even imagine - having clean water."
A local paper published an article about Keystone Montessori's Amman-a-thon.  It's a great article!  Read it at Wicked Local or on the Wells of Love blog.

Thank you
 to our dedicated Heroes of Compassion 
at Keystone Montessori School!  

You are making a difference!


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