A Deposit into the Foundation of Life

"The dark beads represent their dirty water.
With Luv, the water turns blue."
Students at Five Oaks Academy in Simpsonville, South Carolina once again have proven that working together as a dedicated team produces dividends far beyond raising funds.  This fall, the Lower Elementary students at Five Oaks participated in numerous activities as part of Hand-in-Hand, a yearly campaign that lends a helping hand to the children of the Azawak.   As reported by their teacher, "Each student is so proud of their hard work that goes into improving the lives of others."

Painting of a woman,
sold at the Five Oaks Artist's Bazaar
These are our future leaders! With the support of their school community, each individual student has personally taken up the cause of Amman Imman.  They use their innumerable talents and skills to raise a banner for the children of the Azawak that results in substantial fundraising year after year. Doubling the results, the experiences these students gather are life deposits that fortify their foundation as compassionate leaders and dedicated changemakers.  
Bookmark for Wells of Love

So far this year Five Oaks students have raised over $600 through various fundraisers including,  selling crafts at the school's annual Artist's Bazaar, water sales at school festivals and Hot Dog sales. 

A number of students have initiated their own personal fundraisers such as selling hand-made crafts and holding lemonade stands at home.  

Decorated Wells of Love Pillowcase
As observed by their dedicated teachers, "Their compassion is breathtaking!"    

We are grateful for the work of these Heroes of Compassion, who care enough to dedicate their time and talent towards helping to save and improve the lives of the children of the Azawak.


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