The Heart of Philanthropy Opens for Young Students

A student collected change
from her friends and neighbors
For young students, the heart of philanthropy opens when they discover a problem, gain understanding, and are given the tools at their level to take action that makes a difference.  The Evergreen Montessori School's global service program opens the door to philanthropy for their students.

Last year, elementary students at Evergreen learned about several organizations that address global issues. The students divided into committees, each group choosing one of the causes as their focus.  Over the course of several months, these young philanthropists studied the issues, participated in activities that raised awareness about their cause, and collected money to contribute towards their chosen organization's program. 

I shared Amman Imman: Water is Life with Evergreen students in the spring.  All the students were so receptive!  Upon learning about children and families in the Azawak suffering due to the lack of  water, three students decided to make Amman Imman their cause. They deeply wanted to help.

"When the students see a need, they feel an impulse to help.  And when it comes to caring, they don't stop themselves from responding to their impulse." says Lourdes Barden, Programs Director at Evergreen.
Hula hooping at an Amman-a-thon for the Azawak

To bring awareness about the plight of the people of the Azawak to the rest of the school, the three students  presented Amman Imman to other classes at the school. Several successful fundraisers, raising over $1000, grew out of their desire to help.
  • They sold muffins and coffee for a week at morning drop off.  
  • A 7 year old filled a jar with money by going around  to her friends and neighbors and telling them about her cause.  
  • The entire elementary class participated in an Amman-a-thon, hula hooping, jumping and shooting baskets for water.
  • The three students and their families attended the annual A Walk for Water at Lake Frank.
Students represent Amman Imman

At the school's Spring Festival, a service learning fair highlighted each of the organizations the students had chosen to support. Another bake sale raised more money.  Parents gathered to listen as students gave speeches about their cause.

Through the videos and updates shared by Amman Imman, the children witnessed the results of their efforts as 5000 people in the village of Ebagueye, as well as people in surrounding communities, benefited from the water that came from Amman Imman's borehole well.

"The children realized that they had the energy and power to touch the lives of people on the other side of the world, says Ms. Barden. "As 6, 7 and 8 year olds, they learned they could be as powerful as adults - on their scale."

We invite your students 
to open the door to the heart of philanthropy 
by participating in our Wells of Love program.

Contact me to Join Wells of Love 
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Evergreen tudents and their families attend A Walk for Water at Lake Frank.
Pictured here with Amman Imman's Debbie Kahn, Hadesh Mahmoud and Michael Kirtley.


  1. It doesn't get much better than helping kids toward a brighter future. Just knowing these children grow up, start a family, have a decent job, and own a good house is all the reward or motivation true philanthropists like John Hayson will ever need.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Damian!


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