Students and families participated in A Walk for Water
Last month students, parents and teachers from the Montessori School of McLean set out on "A
The Potomac River
Walk for Water for the Azawak". Over 50 people from the school community gathered at Great Falls Park in Virginia, a national park that overlooks the Potomac River adjacent to our nation's capital. In contrast to the abundance of the mighty river, the walk on the wooded trail represented the long journey that children in the Azawak daily travel in search of water. In the Azawak, a region in Niger and Mali in West Africa, water scarcity threatens the lives of over half a million people.

The school sponsored "A Walk for Water" to support Amman Imman's projects in the region which
Water bottles for the walkers
focus on water, health, food, education, women's empowerment and economic development. Since 2006, the organization has brought water to over 100,000 people and animals through the construction of sustainable sources of water.  The event raised over $1,900 for Amman Imman's projects.

Debra Kahn, director of Amman Imman's Wells of Love education program, spoke to the students about conditions in the Azawak region and how they could help. "These young leaders easily understood that "Water is Life" and must come come first," said Debra. "They related to it."

This was the first year the Montessori School of McLean participated in the Wells of Love program. Megan Fremming, a teacher at the school, organized the event. "Learning about the Azawak was so enriching for our students. I would like to make "A Walk for Water" a yearly activity for our school community," said Megan.

In addition to coming to the school in the spring and fall, Debra attended the community event. "My goal is to awaken students with stories and photos about children who are like them -- but do not have access to what's most essential, water," explained Debra. "Wells of Love seeks to instill a global awareness, compassion, and offer venues for social action.  Several parents told me that my presentation made a big impression on their child.  That was so gratifying to hear!"

Schools and groups who want to organize "A Walk for Water" can download a planning guide and contact for additional resources.

The Montessori School of McLean will be hosting "A Walk for Water for the Azawak" on Saturday October 29. MSM's Walk is part of Amman Imman's celebration of the 10th anniversary of A Walk for Water which first took place  in 2007 at Lake Frank in Derwood, Maryland. Please visit the main registration page on Classy for event details.  The event will be held at Great Falls Park from 8 am to 11 am.

I've had the pleasure of introducing Amman Imman and the Azawak to MSM students on two occasions. Last spring I spoke to the children about the dramatic impact of a changing climate on the indigenous populations of the Azawak.  As we discussed our common essential need for water and displayed what young children in the Azawak endure to obtain water, their eyes widened as their minds and hearts opened.  They wanted to help make a difference.  I returned to MSM last month to follow up with the students as they were planning A Walk for Water. They are excited for the opportunity to work together to make a difference.

This children-helping-children event will involve the entire school community. Teachers, students, and their families will walk together in solidarity for the children and families of the Azawak. The school is raising funds to support Amman Imman's work in the region. The organization has built five boreholes that provide water to over 100,000 people and animals in the region. Currently, Amman Imman is focusing on sustaining and expanding their health program that provides treatment and education for over 10,000 adults and children. Nurses are currently fighting Rift Valley Fever that has spread into the Azawak region. 

Please visit MSM's school fundraising page,, where contributions can be made toward their $5,000 goal. Students and families are also encouraged to create their own fundraising pages to express their commitment to helping the Azawak.  

Visit our AWFW main page to download our planning guide, or contact

2016 marks the 10th anniversary of A Walk for Water. Schools around the world are hosting A Walk for Water this year to mark this auspicious occasion.  

The following events have already taken place:
  • February 16, 2016 - JEJ Moore Middle School, Disputanta, VA raised over $3200
  • March 22, 2016 - The Netherlands Inter-Community School, Jakarta, Indonesia raised $1380
The following events are coming up:
  • June 6, 2016 - Monarch Global Academy, Laurel, Maryland
  • June 10, 2016 - LePort Schools, Virginia
  • October 2, 2016 - Berthold Academy  PLEASE JOIN US “ the official Amman Imman 10th anniversary A Walk for Water”

We invite YOU to host A Walk for Water this year 
in your community and join our 10 year celebration!

Visit our website to view upcoming events and download our kits. We'd love to add yours to our calendar! Email with your details.
Students at JEJ Moore Walk for Water
Approximately 200 students at JEJ Moore Middle School in Disputanta, Virginia learned about the plight of the Azawak  people and then participated in A Walk for Water. On February 16, 2016, students walked the track at school carrying one gallon of water. Some of the students walked up to 5 miles. The students took part in a 10 year tradition of A Walk for Water.
Walking with compassion

Students gathered sponsors and donations. The kids were able to raise over $3200.00 for the Azawak! This is the third year students at JEJ Moore have learned about water scarcity and completed the unit with a service learning project.   

Carrying water
The teacher, Lisa Boiteau said,  “Each year they’ve managed to increase the amount of money donated to Amman Imman with this being our best yet. I am so proud of my students they showed so much compassion for the kids in the Azawak region. Thank you for giving us the opprtunity to help others in need.”

2016 is the 10th anniversary of A Walk for Water. The first walk for the Azawak was held in 2007. Join our celebration by hosting your own event!  Learn more here
10 years of A Walk for Water, 2007 - 2016
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