The IMC Youth Connection

Students can connect with other students to share ideas and stories about their effort to help the children of the Azawak.
The International Montessori Council (IMC) invites students in Montessori Upper Elementary Classes, Middle School, and High School to become members of the IMC Montessori Youth Connection. Membership will give students access to our website which will enable them to communicate with other Montessori students about their community service projects, research, and business projects, as well as topics of interest. We will also sign up teachers as mentor members and encourage at least one teacher from each participating school to sign-up as a mentor. This will enable mentor-teachers to monitor the site, guide the discussions and even suggest new topics and projects. This is a secure site. Students are only given membership when they are recommended by Montessori teachers and all Montessori teachers that are not personally known by myself or Tim Seldin (President of the IMC Board) will be verified by contact with the school administrator. You can visit the website at but will only have access to the home page. For more information or to sign up your students, contact Kitty Bravo: Please put IMC Youth in the subject.
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