Compassion in Action

Once in a while, Siena and Aria like to set up a table outside their home and sell things.  These girls both attend the Oneness-Family School where all the students are concerned about how people in the Azawak cope without access to water and want to do something about it.

Since 2006, students at the school, with the help of their families and friends,  have raised over $25,000 by participating in A Walk for Water, Amman-a-thon Fitness Festivals, and other fundraising activities.  Last year those funds, pooled with money raised by over 60 schools around the world, was used to construct the Kijigari Montessori Well of Love that now fulfills the water needs of 25,000 people and animals.  Knowing that their money makes such a huge impact is a prime motivator for these students.

For their most recent sale, Siena and Aria held several bake sales and raised $42.37 for Amman Imman.    The girls also spread awareness about the Azawak by making a poster and handing out post cards to their customers.

We celebrate these acts of compassion! 
 Thank you to our Heroes of Compassion, Siena and Aria!


  1. Siena and Aria:

    We are very proud of doing such a life saving work for the people you naver met. We do not need just rich country or people to help who are in need. If you can save life of just on person in the world, it is a beginning of better world for all the people.

    Congratulations !!!!!

    You have bright future.


  2. Girls, I am so proud to know you. I feel good to know that your generation has compassionate young people in it who will change the world for the better.

    Tanya auntie in Boston

  3. I am so proud of you girls. That's an awesome job. This will inspire all your cousins.
    Love Nimo masa and Sweta mami

  4. Great job Girls! Keep up the good work. :)
    Love Nishi Masi and Pinank Masa.

  5. We are proud of you Siena and Aria.We are happy to see that you have begun to make a differnce in people's life at such an early age. We are sure you will do bigger and better things in your life as you mature. Let us know if we can be of help to you in anyways.
    Love Rita and 'Kosik-kaka'

  6. I am really impressed with your thoughts of giving to others so unselfishly. In today's world, this is a rare quality and you girls are wonderful for thinking this way! Tejal

  7. We are very proud of you Siena and Aria. You are not only learning but teaching others with this great project. Keep up the good work. Alka and Siddhartha


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