The Generous Hearts of Children

Cornerspring Montessori School in Belfast, Maine, began their partnership with  Amman Imman three years ago when one young student discovered the Azawak while researching areas of the world that suffer from water scarcity.  Odin, then 8 years old, made a presentation to his class, and asked them to help with the Azawak's water problem.  They class held a bake sale, and were very motivated when they raised $170.  Subsequently later that school year, Cornerspring students participated in an Amman-a-thon, raising in total close to $1,500. 

This summer we received another contribution of $283 from raised by Cornerspring students.   Teacher Cindy Scappaticci reported about the their motivation:

Hi Debbie,
Odin's presentation in 2009 made a big impression
Each September, as a class, we decide which organization to support.  Amman Imman was at the top of the list this year, along with two other organizations.  The class  made a proposal to support all three organizations with three different events through the year, and our director agreed.

The students' commitment to the plight of the Azawak region moves me.  Most of them vividly recalled Odin's presentation more than three years ago with the dirty water.  They still realized that "no water means no life" - in their own words.  One child noticed and proclaimed, "Everyone needs help!" Their compassionate hearts want to give to everyone.  They are such inspirations to me with their hearts so open with generosity!

I wouldn't be surprised if Amman Imman remains on the top of their list each year!  I once again am proud to be sending this check on their behalf.

Best wishes to you and all at Amman Imman and Wells of Love,


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