A Birthday Wish for Water

Tommy Kollias recently turned 9 years old.  One of the ways Tommy celebrated his birthday was by raising funds for the Azawak.  He set up a fundraising page, and with the help of his parents he shared the page with friends and relatives.

He made the first donation - the  money collected in his piggybank.

Here's Tommy's perspective:
Since I am fortunate to have so much, I want to use the occasion of my ninth birthday to help give the gift of water to those in need.  
 We are very proud of Tommy's initiative to take action and help Amman Imman, a cause he cares about.  

As of today (9/10/12), Tommy has raised $235.  He's very close to his $250 goal!  If you'd like to support Tommy's effort and help him reach or surpass his goal, please click here to make a donation through his page.  Feel free to make a comment to acknowledge Tommy's efforts!

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