Student takes the lead in humanitarian efforts

Students at the Hershey Montessori School first learned about Amman Imman when students from Oneness-Family School visited their campus in 2008.   Since then stories of the Azawak continue to be shared at Hershey.  The school has followed the progress as four borehole wells, built in part by funds raised by students, have been constructed, now supplying water for as many as 100,000 people and animals during the hot season.

The Hershey Montessori school community keep the children of the Azawak in their hearts.   For a several years, the students expressed their commitment by raising awareness and funds through school-wide Walk for Water events. This year, we received a different message; not from the head of school but instead from a young leader: 

Dear Ariane,
My name is Suchita Rajan.  I was the organizer for the Walk for Water. My friends Ashley Joyce, Maya Harwood and Taylor Jones also helped.  We raised $375.24.  I hope you keep on continuing your work and building more boreholes all over the Azawak valley.

Suchita Rajan

.....We feel humbled and deeply touched to know that a student led the way for the Hershey community this year...... 

 Congratulations, Suchita, 
on leading your school's humanitarian efforts 
to help make a difference
 in the lives of the children of the Azawak!


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