Annika's Spirit of Creativity and Compassion

Gem Earrings
Gem Earrings by Annika

Eight year old Annika's creative spirit is prolific.  So is her compassion in using her art to help those in the Azawak who lack the most essential of resources.  Annika sells her jewelry on Etsy with half the profits benefiting Amman Imman's mission to bring water to the Azawak of West Africa.  If you visit her Etsy shop today, you'll find it empty.  That's because all of her original handmade items have been sold.  Go here to see her earrings, necklaces and weaving.  They are simply beautiful!

Her Etsy profile tells us a little bit about her:
My name is Annika and I am 8 years old.
I love art and playing! I like making jewellery, particularly necklaces. I also love weaving. I love trying new things - that's part of life! 
Half of the money I make selling my crafts will be donated to project Amman Imman, to bring clean, sustainable water to the people of the Azawak Valley in Niger. 
If you'd like to wear some of Anika's art and help bring sustainable water sources to the Azawak of Niger, visit Annika on Etsy.  You can request a custom item, wait patiently for her next creation, or simply send her a message and thank her for her sharing her creative spirit with the world.

Thank you, Annika 
for your creativity and compassion! 


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