Join the Global Water Challenge and Be a Water Warrior

Today I had the privilege of meeting the folks at Global Water Challenge for the launch of their new Water Warriors program. I am pleased to position Amman Imman in the battle to provide accessible and clean water to the millions of people in the world who do not have ready availability of this basic and essential element. GWC defines a Water Warrior as follows (from their website):
a person who has committed to tackling the global water and sanitation crisis by going out into their community and:
  1. Educating friends, family and neighbors about the magnitude of the problem and proven solutions.
  2. Raising funds for simple, proven solutions, such as water filtration systems, soap and toilets.
  3. Encouraging elected officials to increase water and sanitation funding.
  4. Turning friends and family into Water Warriors to create a ripple effect.

I'd say our Heroes of Compassion who have been helping bring water to the people of the Azawak - the dedicated students, parents, teachers, and individuals who are giving voice to this region where lives cry out for water - are firmly positioned in battle as Water Warriors. We are like troops marching together in unison, for one focused goal: to give voice to the people of the Azawak who are crying out for water, where few other organizations are helping and where the provision of water will save dying children and provide a possibility for sanitation, education and health care to further enhance lives.

I call upon us as Water Warriors:
  1. Students who are learning about the seriousness of water scarcity in our world, and educating their friends and families.
  2. School communities working together to raise funds to construct more water sources like the Tangarwashane borehole that provides a sustainable and manageable solution for local people - not a simple solution, but the ONLY SOLUTION for this region of half a million people.
  3. I know that since I've joined with Amman Imman to help the people of the Azawak I've signed more petitions to let my elected representative know that I want them to advocate for funding for water projects. My awareness has grown. I am pleased to prepare students to take an active role in their community as they grow into voting citizens.
  4. Together, we are generating a web of involvement, a ripple effect, as more schools, more students, more friends learn about what they can do to directly affect the lives of people who few others are helping.

With the water table so deep and the region so remote, water sources in the Azawak cost alot more than the average well to construct, but there are half a million people who struggle to find water. I'd say the people of the Azawak are worth fighting for. Be a Water Warrior. Join the Global Water Challenge. Be a force for change in the Azawak. Learn, raise funds, advocate, spread the word.

Thank you to Paul, Sweta, Maya, Amy and Emma (all of whom I met today at GWC) for giving all of us this opportunity to unite together, to fight together, for this human right of water.

World Water Week: August 17 - August 23. Have an event, raise some money, talk to people!


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