Sponsors for A Walk For Water in Maryland

In seeking community support for A Walk For Water, we picked businesses with a vision or intent that in some way mirrors the values we want to teach our children, especially those that are inherent within the practices of Amman Imman and Montessori schools. We are proud to announce that the following businesses will be lending their products to A Walk For Water, supporting children and families in the Azawak, as well as children and families in the Washington D.C. area:

My Organic Market (MOM's) will be donating snacks. MOM's offers customers in the Washington D.C. area an alternative to the area's larger chain food grocers. Mom's purpose, "to restore the environment to the maximum extent we are able....we will work tirelessly towards ensuring a clean and restored environment for our children and future generations", resonates strongly with the core values of both Montessori education and the Amman Imman project. Both of these, like MOM's, take action for a sustainable future, whether empowering students or ensuring a future for the people of the Azawak.

Honest Tea will be donating beverages for the Walk. This company is another example of a business whose own progressive vision mirrors the grassroot efforts of Amman Imman. As stated in their mission statement, "A commitment to social responsibility is central to Honest Tea's identity and purpose." Just as Amman Imman seeks to work with companies in Niger that adhere to principles of excellence in construction, Honest Tea "strives for authenticity, integrity and purity, in our products and in the way we do business."

Signs by Tomorrow has graciously offered to donate this year's banner for A Walk For Water. The banner will provide a focal point for the purpose of our Walk: to bring attention to the water problems in the Azawak, to bring attention to Amman Imman's solution for this crisis, and to inspire hope in all children as they work together to build a sustainable future. Signs by Tomorrow in Bethesda, Maryland is a "green" business offering products made of biodegradable materials and encouraging everyday practices that save energy and the environment. Billed as "women owned and family run", Signs by Tomorrow has obvious parallels with the Amman Imman project, which promotes gender equity by requiring that a certain percentage of the Water Resource Management Committee be women, thereby supporting families in the Azawak.

Each of these businesses set an example and model an important ethic for students:
that adherence to a strong vision and a purposeful mission can lead to success and value.
We thank these businesses for lending their support, and being a model for students everywhere.


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