The Friendship Exchange, part 4: Students at the Ecole Quartier Abalak understand "Water is Life"

Students from three Montessori schools in America exchanged bracelets, cards and photos with children in the Azawak, as part of Amman Imman's Friendship Exchange.

Part 4
Ecole Quartier Abalak

Abalak is a town at the edge of the Azawak.
The town, while very poor, has a good borehole,
and so the children have clean water.
The Ecole Quartier Abalak, pictured here, has 648 students.

The headmaster, Mr. Baddy Adoufane, chose the five best students
from each of the 12 classrooms to participate in the Friendship Exchange.

However, by the time we got to Abalak, we had run out of beads.

Rather than make a bracelet in exchange,
the students wrote a letter to their friend in America.

We explained Amman Imman's project to bring water to their region.
Amman Imman: Water is Life. They understood all too well.

Their cards, like the cards from the students in America....

....expressed their creativity and feeling.

They held up the card and photo they had received,
and we took their photo to give to a student in America.

They were very pleased.

It made them feel good to know...

...that they had a friend...

.... in America ...

... who cared.

(to be continued....)

Next: Kijigari, the site chosen for the next borehole,
Montessori "Well of Love"


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