The Friendship Exchange, part 5: Kijigari, the site chosen for the next borehole, Montessori "Well of Love"

Students from three Montessori schools in America exchanged bracelets, cards and photos with children in the Azawak, as part of Amman Imman's Friendship Exchange.

Part 5
village of Kijigari,
the site chosen for the Montessori "Well of Love"

The village of Kijigari, in the bush of the Azawak,
has a school attended by 120 students.

The village relies on a drying marsh for their water.
The water in the marsh is dirty.
When the marsh dries, there is no water at all.
This is the water the children at the school drink.

Despite their hardships, they have a strong school....

.... and a strong community of women
who have organized a garden and a sewing cooperative.
Girls are encouraged to stay in school.

The students enjoyed making bracelets
to give back to their friend in America..

They look forward to getting to know their new friends...

.... as more money is raised
and a "Montessori Well of Love" borehole is built
that will provide clean and plentiful water
to the residents of Kijigari.

Amman Imman will continue working
to bring water,
and to nourish the friendship
between children in America and children in the Azawak.

May the friendships grow
and may the water flow!


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