The Friendship Exchange, part 3: A Visit to The Nomad School of Akoubounou

Students from three Montessori schools in America exchanged bracelets, cards and photos with children in the Azawak, as part of Amman Imman's Friendship Exchange.

Part 3
The Nomad School of Akoubounou

The Nomad School of Akoubounou,
in the village of Akoubounou on the outskirts of the Azawak,
participated in the exchange.
The school, with 264 students ages 6 though 15, had several classrooms.

You could say that the children in this school were lucky because the village had a borehole...

... but the water was contaminated.
(Note: this borehole, improperly equipped, is not an Amman Imman borehole.
Amman Imman boreholes are constructed and maintained to the highest standards.)

The headmaster told us that children ate breakfast at the school...

....for some the only meal they would eat all day.

The students loved working with the beads....

.... and making bracelets for their new friend.

The headmaster at this school, Mr. Ibrahim Malik (pictured on the left),
would like to continue a relationship with a school in America.

He is very sincere. The school needs resources.
Please contact me me if you would like to accept his invitation.
(to be continued....)
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