The Friendship Exchange, part 2: Amman Imman team brings bracelets to Tangarwashan in the Azawak

Students from three Montessori schools in America exchanged bracelets, cards and photos with children in the Azawak, as part of Amman Imman's Friendship Exchange.
Part 2
Amman Imman team brings bracelets to the Azawak.
First stop, the village of Tangarwasha
, where water flows

As part of the Amman Imman team,
I brought these expressions of friendship to the Azawak.

We visited the school in the village of Tangarwashane
where Amman Imman built its first borehole, in the bush of the Azawak.
The school was built recently, after the village got their water source.

The students in the school were very happy
to receive bracelets, cards and photos of their friends in America....

....friends who had help raise money to build the borehole
that now provides them with water.

The students were delighted...

Attaher, age 5
.... to make a bracelet in return.

Ahamed, age 4

And to get their photo taken...

Hassi, age 8
...which would be brought back to their friend in America.

Abdoulaye, age 8

Mouheini, age 8

Raichatou, age 12
(to be continued....)
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