The Friendship Exchange, part 1: Students in America design bracelets

Students from three Montessori schools in America exchanged bracelets, cards and photos with children in the Azawak, as part of Amman Imman's Friendship Exchange.

Students at Aidan Montessori, Oneness-Family School and Montessori School of Ojai participated in Amman Imman's Friendship Exchange with children in the Azawak in Niger, West Africa.

They made beaded necklaces and bracelets...

.....each individually designed.

One that they would keep, and an identical one to give to their new friend in Niger.

Their bracelet, with their photo, was attached to a beautiful handmade card.

Students wrote messages and drew pictures for their friend in Niger....

...expressing their feelings....

...and sharing their creativity.

Their drawings bridged differences....

....expressed understanding...

..and extended the hand of friendship.
(to be continued....)
Next..... The Amman Imman team brings the Friendship Exchange to the village of Tangarwashane in the Azawak

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