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Dear Montessori Friends and Friends of the Azawak,

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As the school year winds down, I want to thank all the students, schools and individuals who have contributed toward improving the lives of the people of the Azawak of West Africa through the Amman Imman project. Since the completion of the Tangarwashane borehole last summer, we've heard from schools in Hawaii, California, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, Washington State, Canada, New Zealand, and other places who have provided this opportunity for their students to work together to make a concrete difference. Currently we have 53 schools on board, with even more planning to engage in the project in the new school year. Stay tuned to the blog as schools send in their stories over the summer!

Here is a summary of the posts on the blog since my last update:

1. Ariane Kirtley and I recently edited over 15 hours of raw footage from the Azawak, and put together a 7.5 minute movie depicting the endless time and energy both children and adults put into finding water -- often mud -- to use for their survival and the survival of their animals. It also shows the direct impact that global climate change is having on these people's lives, as their rainy season is diminishing from year to year, hence significantly reducing their access to water. You can view these compelling images by clicking on the following link: Please use the movie to present the project to your community! Read the post and download the movie through the blog here: "Amman Imman: Water is Life" Movie

2. Amman Imman: Water is Life continues to grow as an organization while monitoring its first borehole in the Azawak that is supplying thousands of people with easily accessible clean water. Read Ariane's most recent update that reports on the activities of Amman Imman over the last several months: Program Update from Ariane Kirtley: First Borehole, New Video and Heroes of Compassion

3. On May 15, bloggers around the world conspired to bring attention to human rights issues. While there are grand scale human rights catastrophes revealed by large humanitarian organizations, there is a human rights issue in the Azawak where people are not getting their basic needs met. This is a crisis that needs to be addressed Read the post: We Can't Wait: Bloggers Unite For Human Rights

4. "A Walk For Water" in Maryland brought together five schools and raised over $11K. Children and families walked together on a wonderful nature trail in solidarity and compassion for the children and families in the Azawak: Choosing Action: A Walk For Water Yields Big Payoffs. We partnered with local businesses who became our Sponsors for A Walk For Water in Maryland. Read the press release send to local media outlets: Press Release: Local Montessori Students "Walk For Water"

Several other communities held "A Walk For Water" this year. Read about how Hershey Montessori School plans A Walk For Water. Their event took place on May 28. We look forward to getting all the details in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned to the blog for the story and the photos!

5. I also want to tell you about a wonderful idea for young students (ages 6-9) to use their athletic skills to raise funds while bringing attention to the water crisis in the Azawak. Read a teacher's report on preparations for Amman-athon Day, May 14, 2008 and then a report on the actual event by middle school student Louise Eriksson: Student Report on the Amman-athon. This one event has raised over $2,300 by one classroom of students.

6. An idea for fundraising: a seller on Ebay is donating 5% of his profits to Amman Imman: Fair Trade for Amman Imman

And finally, for those friends who live in the New England region, particularly near Brattleboro, Vermont, please stop by the Hooker Dunham Gallery on Main Street to see the "Face of the Azawak" exhibit, a display of Ariane Kirtley's photographs. If you are in town on June 6, you are invited to the exhibit's opening which is part of Brattleboro's monthly Gallery Walk. The photos will be on display in the Gallery through June 30.

I look forward to staying connected over the summer months as we develop new avenues for participation and ideas for curriculum integration for the Amman Imman project. We will continue to work together to provide these foundational experiences for our children and build a Well of Love in the Azawak that will save and improve the lives of thousands of children and their families.

In grateful appreciation,

Debra Kahn
Associate Director, Oneness-Family School
6701 Wisconsin Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

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