Student Report on the Amman-athon

Oneness-Family School graduating 8th grader Louise Eriksson has written a blog about her experiences as an OFS middle school student. Louise has been an active participant in the Amman Imman project, presenting Amman Imman to students at other schools and raising funds, for almost two years. Recently, Louise became a field reporter at the school's Amman-athon and wrote about it in her blog. We have her report here:

Amman-athon, by Louise Eriksson

On May 13th the Peace Arbor class, grades 1st through 3rd, at the Oneness Family School held an event to contribute to the Amman Imman project. This event was called the Amman-athon. They went out onto a field and did several different activities. They shot basketball hoops, dribbled basketballs, jumped rope, hula-hooped, hopped on one foot, and run around a field. The students would get sponsored for each activity they did. Ben, a third grader in the Peace Arbor, told me that for every basket made they would get twenty-five cents, for every minute running they would get ten cents, and for every hop, jump, dribble, etc. they would get five cents.

Debbie Kahn, Oneness-Family School Associate Director, says that this event uses their skills for a better purpose. All of the money they collect goes to people of the Azawak. They are not competing against each other, but are transcending themselves to help others. Eliza, a Peace Arbor student, dribbled 270 times and was sponsored by her Neighbor, Grandmother, and Aunt. The highest scores were made in hula-hooping. A girl named Lily hula-hooped 680 times. If she had one sponsor she would have made $170! Just imagine what the entire class would make if you added it all up!

Read what Peace Arbor teacher Madhavi Ray wrote about the Amman-athon on the Montessori Amman Imman blog at this link:
Thank you, Louise, for all that you are doing to make a difference in the lives of the people of the Azawak! Read about all of Louise's student adventures and contributions on her blog.

By the way, preliminary totals suggest that the 6-9 year olds have raised over $2,500 in the Amman-athon!


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