Ten Easy Things That I Can Do

Just before the Thanksgiving break, I had the opportunity to spend some time with two of our classes at the Oneness-Family School. In each class, we talked about being thankful for the water that we so plentifully have, while the children in the Azawak do not have any fresh water at all. The students already knew many of Ariane's stories about her friends in the Azawak valley, so as we looked at some pictures we shared those stories together.

One student reminded me that Africa is a very diverse continent, and that not all people in Africa suffer the same consequences as those unfortunate ones in the Azawak region, and other places, that have no water due to severe drought. I was amazed at the children's sensitivity and reminded of Maria Montessori's wisdom that it is the spirit of the child that teaches us and can lead us toward a better future.

After we shared our stories, the children went around the circle giving their ideas about some simple things they could do to raise funds. I compiled their ideas into a checklist entitled Ten Easy Things That I Can Do To Help Raise Money That Will Bring Water To Those Who Have None. The children took that list home with them, along with an informational flyer about the Azawak region and Amman Imman's mission so that they could talk about it with their family over the long weekend.

Each class made a card signed with their expressions of hope to the Children of the Azawak:

"Dearest Children of the Azawak,
May luck and love be on your side, may water reach your mouth, and may you be safe, fed, loved and sheltered. Ariane=Hope."

"Children, we will help. Happiness and water will be in your town."

"Soon there will be water for your country"

"I hope you get the wells that you need soon."

"I hope you guys still have hope and love with you"

"Be safe."

"I love you"

"We're helping you."

"I hope I can help you."

Already I've heard a sweet little story: as one child was gathering with her family during the Thanksgiving meal, she requested that they hold hands, and then to speak about what they were thankful for. When it was her turn, she simply said, "Water".


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