Renaissance School: Ideas into Action

Lyndsey Scribner tell us that students at the Renaissance School in Fort Meyers, Florida have been discussing ways to raise awareness about the lack of water in the Azawak region. The students have also been brainstorming ideas for raising funds. Car washes, bake sales, lemonade stands, making and selling jewelry, and more have been suggested. Some students are beginning to research ways to implement their ideas. One particular student is interested in providing the Azawak region with animals as a means for milk and food, once they have water. He is researching which animals can survive in that region and what they need.

The Middle School students are using the Amman Imman website to get more information about the project, the Azawak region and the conditions that make water so scarce in that area. Using the information that they gather, other upper elementary students will write an article about the project and what the Renaissance School is doing to help. Their article will be featured in the school's monthly column on social responsibility that is published in a local family magazine.


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