Five Oaks Brings in an Impressive Donation Sum

"Wells of Love" globe featured
at the Artist Bazaar in December
Every donation and event counts at Amman Imman. We get REALLY HAPPY when schools tell us about their projects for the Azawak. At several points during the 2013-2014 school year we were honored with a donation from Five Oaks Academy, a Montessori school in South Carolina. In total for 2014, Five Oaks raised $5,482.49, an exceptional amount that will go towards helping our friends in the Azawak!  

An example of a bracelet
made by a student
to help the Azawak
$203 came from a pizza fund collected by Upper Elementary students. $481 came from an Artist Bazaar in which the students made special crafts to sell as a part of their homework. This Artist Bazaar parallels some of the activities that help the people of the Azawak sustain themselves: they make handcrafts to sell so that their earned sum can go toward making better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. The rest of the money that Five Oak raised, a whopping $4,798.49, was all collected when they held their own Amman-a-thon in May. Individual donations from students and parents added to the total as well.

Five Oaks annual Amman-a-thon, 2014
This is a fabulous development for Amman Imman and the people of the Azawak. As we expand into more communities in West Africa, we require more and more money to, not only create boreholes for the sake of a clean and permanent water source, but to make sure that these communities are then able to sustain themselves and, hopefully, raise themselves out of poverty with our assistance. Five Oaks’ contribution will help us immensely with this task. Thank you so much, students, teachers, and families of Five Oaks Academy, we endlessly appreciate your contribution this year (and in past years), and look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come!

Contributed by Tina Burchette, Amman Imman volunteer


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