Disney's Elsa from the movie Frozen Assists in Cooling Down Poverty

Many times when we gain supporters, we establish a relationship with the person, group, or school who wants to support our cause. Progress reports are given through email, and we offer support through every step of the mission: to help the people of the Azawak. However, sometimes we receive a check in the mail, funded by activities that have already come and gone. Lisa Boiteau, an educator at JEJ Moore Middle School in Disputanta, VA, sent us an email in late May of this year. Students in her class had already raised money for our cause, and she wanted to know to whom she should make out the check. We were pleasantly surprised:  the more money raised, the more opportunity for the people of the Azawak. We wanted to know more about how the students went about raising the money and what they learned about Amman Imman and the Azawak, so we asked Lisa to share a bit more about her students and their activities.

We were informed that, last year, students at JEJ Moore raised $230.20 through an expo they held at their school’s science night. Members of the community and school came and saw the students’ expo boards and were happy to donate to Amman Imman. This year, the students held an afterschool activity in which they invited friends to a watch the movie “Frozen” and sold snacks. They raised $363 dollars at this event.

The reason that students at JEJ Moore Middle School are so enthusiastic about our cause is because they are fully informed on why Azawak is struggling. Lisa does a unit in her class about water, and she specifically focuses on the conservation of water and how the use of it can lead to all kinds of shortages across the globe. Of course, Lisa and her class focus specifically on the Azawak when discussing water and food shortages. Knowing that these Heroes of Compassion are taking action to combat the effects of these shortages is heart-warming and inspiring. 

We thank you, students of JEJ Moore, for your service this year and your service in years to come!


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