A Tradition of Giving

Students at Palm Harbor Montessori Academy in Florida have established a yearly tradition that expresses their commitment to nurturing global citizenship and compassionate philanthropy among their students. Throughout the school year, they express their dedication to Amman Imman and their friendship towards the people of the Azawak through small activities that make a big difference. Last year, Nicole Nasser, lead teacher in the Junior Elementary, emailed:

Students add their coins to the Well of Love

The children bring their donations throughout the year to my classroom to put in the big well. They deposit money they raise on their own and from their piggy banks. We have a special clap for the children that bring in money. The children Trick-or-Treat for Amman Imman and we will do it again this year. We also have a stand for Amman Imman during our school events such as International Picnic Day that takes place at the end of October, Earth Day and Book Fair so parents can contribute as well. 

In fall 2012, we received $1,000 collected by Palm Harbor students during the 2011-2012 school year! 

Our school and our students strongly believe in Amman Imman and want to support it in any way we can and as long as we can. The funds that were mailed to you by our Head of School Christine Varkas were combined efforts of all the students at school.

Congratulations to Palm Harbor Montessori Academy students, teachers and parents for establishing a culture of giving that aligns with your values and improves the lives across the world.

For the children and families in the Azawak of West Africa, our Amman Imman team thanks everyone at Palm Harbor Montessori Academy!

Palm Harbor students demonstrate their commitment by having a table for Amman Imman at yearly events


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