What we can accomplish when we work together!

Just received an inspiring message from Paul Freedman, director of the Salmonberry School on Orcas Island in Washington State.  In March, his students, ages 6 - 12, participated in A Walk for Water.  Today I received this email: 
We finally finished collecting all our Amman Imman donations and are sending the checks today.  The total raised by our little group of 26 kids and their teachers and parents was $2,428.40.  They were very proud of their accomplishment.  We sincerely hope that this small gift will help to bring water to the people of the Azawak. 
Thanks so much for all the incredible work you are doing, and for providing such a wonderful opportunity for meaningful service learning for our students.
All my best,Paul
Paul's message touched me.  First, for the tremendous accomplishment of these young leaders in raising almost $2,500!   And also for the deeper and powerful message of motivation -  that we can do things way beyond what we think we are capable of achieving when we work together.   There is no limit!
Make it happen! 


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