New! Paper Forms and Walk for Water Information Center!

Tangarwashane girl waters a plant
in the children's garden
Plans for a Walk for Water 2012 are gearing up! Last weekend I met with a group of enthusiastic high school students who are helping me prepare the Lake Frank event. With their activism, awareness about the water crisis in the Azawak ripples outward and the tide of compassion for the children and families living there rolls in. Our goal this year is to raise $10,000This amount can pay for faucets and animal troughs in a new village, and perhaps start a children's garden as well. With your help, we can do it! 

If you planning to come, please register right away (thank you, if you've already done so!)For your convenience, you can sign up online and create a personal fundraising page. However, we now realize that some prefer to use paper forms to register and raise funds. These are now readily available for you to download from one of the information centers below. Please register online; or fill out a registration form, give to the coordinator at your school, or mail it to us. Then, begin fundraising!  

Here is information about the two Walk for Water events being held in the DC area:
1.  On Saturday, May 12, the 6th annual Walk for Water will be held at Lake Frank in Derwood, Maryland. For complete event information and forms, please visit our new Lake Frank Walk for Water Information Center.  
Please register today, and begin fundraising!  And feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

2. On Friday, May 25, The Boyd School is hosting their annual walk at Ellanor Lawrence Park in Chantilly, Virginia.  Visit The Boyd School Walk for Water Information Center for event details. Other schools are welcome to join!
If your school would like to join, or for more information about The Boyd School Walk for Water, please contact Rodney Berthold at (571) 321-0364, or email Rodney at

I hope to walk with you at one of these events!    If you can't join us your presence will be missed!  You can still support us by making a gift online.  Thank you!

Register and fundraise online, or download paper forms!  


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