Taking care of people who need water

Today I received a wonderful surprise in the mail -  a letter and a check for $50 from a young man in Glenallen, Virginia who wants to help people who do not have any water:
Dear Water is Life,  
My name is Joshua. I'm in the third grade and I wanted to give water to the people who need it. I heard at my church that drinking water is the number one killer on earth.  That's why I want to give this check to you. I'm supposed to choose a company that does stuff for charity.  I chose your company because lack of drinking water is the number one killer on earth.  I hope that you can take care of the pople who need drinking water.  
Thank you, Joshua, for choosing Amman Imman: Water is Life!  

Joshua's contribution will go toward our new Vibrant Village borehole, currently being launched in the Azawak.   To make your donation, please visit the donation page on our website.

You can also  help by creating your own fundraising page:


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