Creativity and fun-draising at Aidan Montessori School

Two brothers baked fudge.
Students at Aidan Montessori School in Washington D.C. raised $52.25 on Friday at the school's bake sale.  Teacher Kelli York reports:
On Wednesday, Allison Rawls Manuel came to talk to our class about Amman Imman. She asked the children if they would like to have a donation jar at the bake sale that the school was having on Friday. With no adult input, several children wanted to boost donations, so they made fudge and created jewelry with iron-on beads in the shape of water drops. We had a few children manning the table and sharing information and others that walked around asking for donations.
Allison's discussion inspired a flurry of suggestions from the children about other ways to raise money, including raking leaves and an Amman-a-thon that we hope to pursue when we return in January.  
Thank you to the students, teachers and parents at Aidan 
for supporting our Vibrant Village borehole, 
now being launched in the Azawak of Niger!  

To contribute towards this project, you can donate through the Wells of Love Firstgiving donation page.

I also invite you to become a fundraiser this holiday season:

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