Help Seneca Valley HS students raise $3,500 this holiday season!

Students at Seneca Valley High School in Maryland are helping Amman Imman build the Vibrant Village borehole by raising funds during the holiday season.  Please their initiative to take action by making a donation today!   Please click here to donate through their fundraising page.
Help us raise $3,500 this holiday season
The students of IB Environmental Systems and Societies classes at Seneca Valley have begun a fundraiser through the holidays to support the Amman Imman: Water is Life Foundation. We were inspired by the work of Amman Imman after one of its dedicated members, Debra Kahn, visited our school. When we heard about Amman Imman's plan to build a borehole this winter, we wanted to provide as much support as we could.
Amman Imman recently announced its new partnership with theVibrant Village Foundation which has provided a grant of $130,000 to start the construction of a new borehole. However, Amman Imman still needs $70,000 to complete the project. Please help us support
Amman Imman in their efforts to build a new borehole in the Azawak. 
Every donation, big or small, will go to help a person in need 
and make this holiday season a little brighter.


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