A Third Grader's Perspective on The Importance of Amman Imman

A third grade Brownie troop from Carlisle, MA held a “loose change” drive from January to March 2015, raising $700 for Amman Imman. After learning about the current water crisis in the Azawak region and raising funds to help children just like them in Niger, these girls were inspired to do more than just fundraise - they made changes in their everyday routines and became young advocates for water conservation.

One Brownie, named Claire Beckley, wrote a persuasive and moving piece about the impactful work that Amman Imman does (see below). Read about why Claire thinks it’s important to support the communities of the Azawak and what it means to her to have the time to go to school, unlike children in the Azawak who would spend their time searching for water without our efforts on the ground.

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