Making a Big Difference

Again and again I discover that when a young person is provided with the knowledge, understanding and tools he/she needs to put their compassion into action, they want to do something that matters.

Thomas Lea, a 2nd grade student at Five Oaks Academy in South Carolina, has been learning about  water and what it means for people who struggle to survive without access to this precious resource.  Through his school's participation in the Wells of Love program, Thomas has started to understand that through his own effort, he can help save lives.  This August, Thomas initiated a toy sale outside his home, raising $318.40 towards Amman Imman's projects in the Azawak.  

When asked what he learned, this young philanthropist answered, 
I learned that sometimes 
it is easy to make a big difference!  

What a great insight from our young Hero of Compassion!

Read the entire article on Five Oak's website.


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