John F Kennedy High School: Ambassadors for the Azawak

Students listen deeply to stories about people who have no water.
Today I presented Amman Imman to thirty juniors and seniors enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program at John F. Kennedy High School in Silver Spring, Maryland.  The students listened intently as I shared stories about people who live at the mercy of their environment and suffer from an absolute lack of water.     

The rain that has been soaking our region, falling in buckets for more than 24 hours, provided a sharp contrast to the Azawak where it is bone dry for more than 9 months a year with temperatures soaring higher than 120 degrees.  As I illustrated the harsh circumstances afflicting the people of the Azawak through photos, video and stories, the students acknowledged how easy it is for them to control the temperature with the flip of a switch and relieve their thirst with the turn of a faucet.  

I felt swept up in the emotion of the presentation.  Although the students gave me their rapt attention for 45 minutes and asked some great questions,  I had no idea what kind of impression my words had made.  I offered them the opportunity to help as leaders - to raise awareness in their community and help Amman Imman improve and save the lives. To my delight, twenty three students stood in line to sign up.  In fact, five of them went directly to the teacher to ask if they could make Wells of Love their senior project.   

The coordinator later told me, "I know the kids were really inspired by your presentation, and I’m so glad that we could form this partnership."  She noted that those who signed up would be student ambassadors as they spearhead a campaign for the rest of the school.

Welcome IB students from JFK High School, our newest Heroes of Compassion, and Ambassadors for the Azawak! 

"You have the opportunity to take your care, concern and compassion and turn it into action"


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