An Update and an Invitation to Celebrate!


A Walk for Water

at Lake Frank
May 14, Derwood, Maryland

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Dear Friends,

Today, I want to congratulate our Heroes of Compassion at The Boyd School in Virginia!  All seven Boyd School campuses have dedicated this day to the people of the Azawak.  Older students are taking part in A Walk for Water at a local park, while younger students are partcipating in Amman-a-thons at their individual schools.  As of today, Boyd School students have raised close to $2,000 online. Additional funds via checks are being collected at the school.  To see an example of a very cute and creative fundraising page, please click here.  :-)

These actions are to be celebrated! It is a choice that these young people make to serve others rather than themselves.  Encouraged by their teachers, parents and mentors, our young Heroes of Compassion have put into action the initiative required in the world today.  These are young leaders of all ages who are making a difference for some of the most vulnerable people on our planet.   Recently we received a donation from the Robert Goddard Montessori School whose youngest students, ages 3-6, sell bookmarks every year as a fundraiser for the Azawak.   On the other end,  students at Virginia Tech University have been rallying around the cause of the Azawak by staging various fundraisers this spring.  These are just some of the stories to we have to tell.

If you live in the Washington DC area, we hope you will join us at A Walk for Water at Lake Frank on May 14th.  Click here to register and create a fundraising page.   If you prefer paper registration, contact me and I'll send you a form.

Thank you for celebrating with me and giving our young leaders this opportunity to help!  

Gratefully yours,
Debra Kahn
Wells of Love Program Director


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