Penny War for Water

In March I presented Amman Imman; Water is Life at the Garrison Forest School to an audience of around  265 young women.  Invited there by long-time Hero of Compassion Sophie Marney-Dejanikus, the students received me with open arms, readily absorbing stories from the Azawak.  They displayed enthusiasm about being part of the solution with Amman Imman by asking really good questions.  Now, this community is organizing a contingent of students to participate in A Walk for Water on May 14th at Lake Frank.  

To raise awareness about Amman Imman and keep up the excitement for A Walk for Water, Sophie is organizing a Penny War fundraiser.   The Garrison Forest Penny War will start on the Saturday before A Walk for Water and last for a week,  providing an opportunity for competitive fun and contribution.  

Sophie explains that a Penny War raises funds by setting up a competition between grades: 
Each grade has a jug where they put pennies and other coins. For each penny the grade gets a point and for each silver coin the grade loses as many points as that coin is worth. This encourages a junior, let's say, to put a quarter in the freshman jug and vice-versa.  
I did a little research to learn more about Penny War.  It sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to raise awareness about a cause, get everyone involved, and raise money.  

Ehow provides some easy instructions on how to hold a Penny War fundraiser.  Here's the link:

  •  Consider staging a Penny War for Water at your school!
    One week of fun, contribution and friendly competition!

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