Girl Scouts in Ohio Rally Students at Ascension Grade School

Today I received a check for $319.84 from Carol Griffith, leader of Girl Scout Troop 30576 in Kettering, Ohio, and this note:
Please accept this donation to continue your efforts in Africa.  These monies were collected from Ascension Grade School in Kettering, Ohio, primarily from coin donations.  The 7th grade Girl Scout Troop organized this effort.  May God Bless you for this work.

 I wonder... Are  these 7th graders  the same scouts who four years ago, when they were in the 3rd grade, started a trend that has been replicated by students in several schools? Those earnest students placed a small baby food jar at every water source in their homes - by the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, the bathtub, the toilet.    Every time they used water they placed a coin in the jar.  As the jars filled up, they emptied them into a larger container at their school.  After 4 weeks, they had raised $389  and also become keenly aware of their dependence on water.
This photo was taped on the coin jars to remind the students of Ariane and children of the Azawak.   

Coin Collecting Awareness Jar idea started in 2006
Young women like these  embody the mission of Wells of Love -  to inspire and empower a legion of leaders - our Heroes of Compassion  - who take  action as caring philanthropists - and form the core of Amman Imman's vision to build Oases of Life throughout the Azawak.

Thank you, Carol, for sponsoring the leadership development of these young women!


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