Heroes for the Azawak TIMES TWO Challenge!

Heroes for the Azawak TIMES TWO Challenge 

Help students ease thirst and save lives!

The Novick Family Foundation offers a $5,000 Challenge Grant and Matching Gift for the Wells of Love program.

Please help us maximize our fundraising and turn $5,000 into $10,000!

Current Goal for Wells of Love: Students are raising money to bring water to another 25,000 people and animals. 

Water from the Kijigari "Well of Love"
Dear Friends,

I hope this season finds you warm and happy as you celebrate and share life's bountiful gifts.  The Novick Family Foundation is offering a generous end-of-the-year/new year challenge that is tax deductible, has a double impact and will multiply times two. 

Dollar for dollar - up to $5,000 - will be matched between December 17 and January 31, 2011.  

The matching grant funds will go towards our Wells of Love youth service learning program that empowers students to save lives in the Azawak of West Africa by partnering with Amman Imman. 

Would you please consider helping us turn $5000 into $10,000, and turn students into leaders? 

Here's the link to the fundraising page: Heroes for the Azawak TIMES TWO Challenge.

You can also contribute by clicking DONATE on the FirstGiving widget on this page.

As you may know, in 2006 I started Amman Imman's Wells of Love program, as a volunteer, to empower students to help bring water to the Azawak of West Africa.  The program has been a great success, engaging over 50 schools around the world. Since then, Amman Imman: Water is Life has drilled two wells, students have raised $120,000, and I am now Amman Imman's Associate Director.  Many milestones have been achieved this year including completion of the Kijigari "Montessori Well of Love" and endorsement by hi-profile celebrities.  In November, we were approved as a  501c3 nonprofit which will open many doors for us!

Your contribution between now and January 31 will help multiply these results, and support Amman Imman's essential life-saving work.

I'd really appreciate it if you would consider making an end-of-year contribution to maximize our efforts.  All donations are secure, tax-deductible and sent directly to Amman Imman Water is Life, Inc. by FirstGiving, who will email you a printable record of your donation.  You can donate online with a credit card here: 

Thank you very much for your double gift of empowering students and easing thirst in the Azawak!  You can also multiply the impact of this message by sending it to anyone who might like to donate.   And please post it on your your Facebook page, blog, etc.  

Yours in gratitude,

Debra Kahn
Amman Imman: Water is Life
Associate Director
Wells of Love, program director

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  1. Making kids in America aware that there are children elsewhere who have very little and giving them an opportunity to be a part of change makes a huge impression. When my 6 year old heard that the Montessori Well of Love was finished, his eyes widened and he smiled with pride. "Our class helped.", he said. He's looking forward to this years Amman-a-thon event.


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