Five Oaks Academy: A Halloween "Hot Chocolate" Hero

Students at Five Oaks Academy in South Carolina continue to express their compassion for children in the Azawak region by staging their own fundraisers.  Teacher Bonnie Benthall sent me this today:

Here is a picture of one of my kids who did a hot chocolate stand on Halloween to raise money. He made $55!!  It was the sweetest thing!  Remember me telling you about the little girl who brought in $199 and another child being upset because he had nothing to give?  He and his mom decided that he could do something to raise money and they decided on the hot chocolate stand. He was so proud of himself when he shared yesterday!!!!  

Also, we recently had a little girl sell art work at her yard sale two weekends ago!

We at Amman Imman are so proud of these students!  They have taken the tribulations of the  people of the Azawak to heart.  

 By learning about the crisis in the Azawak and connecting with the people through the Wells of Love program, they have started to realize what it must be like to suffer the conditions of not having any water.  They also have gained an appreciation for the water resources that are so readily available to them by simply turning on a tap.  

Their deeper understanding and natural empathy compels them to take action by participating in fundraisers at their school and raising money on their own  as well. They understand that their actions can make a difference, and that what they do matters.  

They are the true manifestation of what it means to be a Hero of Compassion! 

Thank you to the teachers, parents and students at Five Oaks Academy!  
Your initiative inspires us all!


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