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Our service learning program, Wells of Love is growing!   Teachers and students have adapted the Amman Imman: Water is Life presentation for their community's involvement, integrated our curriculum materials in their classrooms and used our fundraising kits to raise money towards building a borehole-well that will bring life-saving water to thousands upon thousands.  

Now, a new website,, makes these resources easily available to you!

Please visit Wells of Love Resources and Tools website and explore!  It's very easy to navigate:

On the main page, you will find a link to an online form that you can fill out to join Wells of Love.  We ask you to officially join so that we know who you are, but even more importantly we want to be connected with you!  We hope that as your students learn about water scarcity, climate change, and work towards solutions to these problems in the Azawak alongside Amman Imman, we can work alongside you.

What We Do tells a little bit about Amman Imman and a short history of the Wells of Love movement.  You can visit our website to learn more, or even arrange for someone (like me!) to come to your school, conference or event and make a presentation.   Just call or send us an email.

What You Can Do provides a three-step framework to help you get started.   Our job is to educate and support so that you can engage and empower.    You can use this website and the materials provided to let your community know about the Wells of Love opportunity.

Resources and Tools  provides links from where you can download supporting materials.  You will find the latest presentation about Amman Imman's work in the Azawak, including slides about our new borehole in Kijigari.  The accompanying script tells the story of Amman Imman in its entirety; you can tailor it for your audience.   You can also download curriculum materials like geography lessons, cultural cards, books that explain Amman Imman for young students, and more. There are also links to videos on YouTube, some that even feature Ariane Kirtley, Amman Imman's founder and director, talking about her first-hand experience and connection to the people of the Azawak.     We'll be adding to these resources as materials are developed.  

I really hope that you will take the time to visit this website and explore the Resources and Tools that we've worked hard to develop.   There is an important story to tell and work to be done.  We invite you to be a part of it!  

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  1. This is a remarkable website. You're telling an extremely important story and one that is often overlooked.

    Please keep up the good work. I will forward your message on to several friends.



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