Oneness-Family School: Hopping with Enthusiasm to Raise Funds

Every year the 6-9 year old students at the Oneness-Family School look forward to their springtime Amman-a-thon fundraiser. Teachers Madhavi Ray, Sondra Dorsey and Shawn Harrity keep the enthusiasm alive all year by informing students about progress in the Azawak via Amman Imman's updates. The students learn about the effects of water scarcity and climate change on the population. They understand that they are the foundation of a grassroots movement that is bringing water and making a tremendous difference in people's lives. By the time the Amman-a-thon comes around in May, the students are duly inspired to practice their athletic skills that will enable them to raise funds.

This year the 6 part story of how the people of Kijigari were waiting for their borehole to be finished moved them and motivated their practice. Their enthusiasm was further rewarded by a visit from Amman Imman's founder and director Ariane Kirtley, visiting in the Washington, D.C. area directly from Niger to attend a reception for a gallery exhibit of her photos at the Bing Stanford in Washington Art Gallery and and A Walk for Water events.

Ariane's visit to the classroom happened just before Amman-a-thon week. Her talk with the students and attendance at one of their Amman-a-thon practice sessions reinforced their motivation to do their very best in hopping, skipping and jumping to raise funds.

The enthusiasm extended beyond the two days of Amman-a-thon activities. In addition to the money collected through their sponsors, several of the children held small fundraisers and contributed their allowance.

Altogether the students raised close to $2,400 to help finish the Kijigari borehole.
Thank you, Students!

Sneak a peak at their Amman-a-thon here:


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