Prelude: Kijigari Borehole Drilled Before Niger Military Coup


Dear Friends of the Azawak, 
I write to you after last month’s military coup that ousted President Tandja from power.  Everything has calmed on a political level, as the populace awaits democracy to be restored.   To the casual observer, no one could guess that instability shook the country last week.  Niamey is bustling with honking taxis, donkey carts, laughing children, and street vendors as usual.  Everyone I’ve spoken with is relieved that their country’s fate has been removed from Tandja’s hands.

Now onto our own news of relief and change:

Over the next several days, I’m going to send you six emails that will tell you a moving tale about the drilling of our Kijigari Well of Love.  Denis returned from the bush with amazing and inspiring stories, as well as photos and footage. Rather than tell it to you all at once, I’m going to unveil it in small bites, with lots of pictures, so that you can savor and imagine the entire adventure along with me.

IMG_7947.jpgLet me start by saying that although the borehole has been drilled, it has yet to provide the people with the abundant water it is capable of producing.  This is the wrenching irony, and where the story turns from inspiration to appeal:  In order to make water accessible for the people of Kijigari, we need to raise $50,000 by May. This is how much is still needed to build the infrastructure that will bring the water to the surface.

I ask you to join me on this adventure to the village of Kijigari, and follow with me to its closure so that together we can satisfy the quest of the people for water!

TOMORROW: Part 1 - A Convoy of Hope Leaves from Niamey

Yours in Hope and Love for the Children of the Azawak,


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