Turning Dollars into Water: A Message of Hope

Dear Montessori friends and friends of the Azawak,

With your help, a message of hope initiated by students will begin to take shape in Niger this holiday season.  Last Friday,
Ariane, Denis and Fassely left for Africa to begin construction on the first Montessori Well of Love in the village of Kijigari (read Ariane's update here).  For the past three years through our Wells of Love program, our Heroes of Compassion have expressed their desire to make a difference in the world by raising awareness and funds to bring water to the people of the Azawak. This borehole, the 3rd deep structure resulting from Amman Imman's work in the region, is one of many more that will be needed to fulfill the needs of the half million people who live there. For the students who have been helping it will be a tangible manifestation of their actions.   

You can help these students fulfill this promise
.  While enough money has been raised to drill, as of today Amman Imman will only be able to put up a temporary system for the people in Kijigari to access the water.  This in itself is tremendous.  But more funds are needed for the faucets and animal troughs.

I know that times are tough for many right now, but most of us reading this email do not suffer the indignity of having to leave our homes when water in the nearby marsh runs dry.  We simply turn on a faucet.  By joining forces through Wells of Love, students around the world have raised almost $90,000. Another $90,000 is needed to finish the job.  You can help complete their efforts. Students around the world have shown us what can happen when everyone pitches in.  Here's what you can do:

  • As a business owner your sponsorship will receive additional exposure through our new media partner, 1050 am Air America Washington. Your financial support will not only help us to aid the people of the Azawak, but will assist us in publicizing our efforts and your involvement. Contact me for details.   
You can make it possible for this circle of hope to go all the way around.   We promise we will turn your dollars into water.  

I share with you some of the activities of our Heroes of Compassion who have been keeping me pretty busy over the last several months (read all the posts here or go to these links):

Students at the Boyd School discover the power of asking: Boyd School Heroes of Compassion: Asking to Make a Difference

Two students talk about what being a Hero of Compassion means to them:  Super Heroes of Compassion

A student takes the lessons of compassion and making a difference, and put them into action at her new school: A Hero of Compassion

A teacher and her children organize a benefit carnival: Amman Imman Wells of Love Carnival: Children Helping Children

There are several more stories to be told from schools in Maine, Virginia, Massachusetts, and our newest Wells of Love school, the American School of Paris in France. Also, we are working on special packages for schools to easily execute sponsorship fundraisers through A Walk for Water and an Amman-athon.   Please stay in touch with the Wells of Love blog and the Amman Imman website for updates and opportunities.

Breaking news:  Ariane, Denis and Fassely arrived safely in Niamey, Niger to temperatures soaring close to 100 degrees F, and this is the cold season!

In hope and peace,

Debra Kahn
Associate Director, Amman Imman: Water is Life
Wells of Love, Program Director

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