Actress-Activist Mia Farrow endorses Amman Imman as Preparations for the Montessori Well of Love in Niger Begin

 Dear Friends of the Azawak,

This Friday, Denis, Fassely and I fly across the Mediterranean and the Sahara, to Niger, to begin work on the construction of the Kijigari borehole.   This Montessori Well of Love, built by the love and perseverance of our Montessori Heroes of Compassion, will be dedicated to our beloved late Dennis Hamilton to honor him for initiating Amman Imman’s collaboration with students.

We depart having just received two extraordinary gifts! The first is a wonderful endorsement by renowned actress and humanitarian activist Mia Farrow, who as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador has already done so much to bring attention to the genocide in Darfur and the refugee crisis in Central Africa. Today, I am proud and humbled to announce that she is lending her voice of support to our efforts to bring hope and stability to the Azawak. In her own words:  

      "I would like to add my voice to those who champion the work of Ariane Kirtley in the Azawak region of Niger. Together with her husband Denis, Ariane is facing daunting challenges to bring the children of the Azawak a future other than the abhorrent condition of daily thirst they experience today. I hope those who are in a position to support this remarkable young woman and her organization Amman Imman Water Is Life, will do so  before the half a million inhabitants of the Azawak become displaced throughout the sub-region, triggering further strife and suffering."

      -- Mia Farrow, Actress and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

I personally would like to thank Ms. Farrow. Her support is a great boon for all of us.

The other gift came to us all the way from Australia, from longtime supporter of The Friendship Caravan, songwriter Vanda Franey. Inspired by our efforts to bring water to those who have none, Vanda wrote a song, "Well of Love" in honor of Amman Imman. I encourage you to listen to it here, Vanda's song

I would like to propose that "Well of Love" become the anthem for the building of our next borehole, which I talk about further below. 

Flush with this good news, it pains me to also say that we have not raised the full amount of funds necessary to build the Kijigari borehole. I realize times are particularly difficult, but we have faith that the holidays will bring in bountiful gifts.  Your generosity and support have already taken us so far, and I appeal to everyone to be especially charitable this year.  I will echo Mia’s words:  those of you in a position to lend a hand this holiday season please do, so that we may have water flowing for the children of Kijigari by the end of February.  Please take a moment to make a donation: Donate to Amman Imman

I leave you with Vanda's lyrics ringing in our ears, offering encouragement for our never-ceasing efforts:

Half a million babies cry
Deep in sandy desert lie,
NO WATER in the region

Water is life - - AMMAN IMMAN
Water is Life - - AMMAN IMMAN

Human Nature holds the key
Of timeless generosity
Water is Life - - AMMAN IMMAN

Say a prayer on desert land
That God will give a helping hand,
This is your dream - - AMMAN IMMAN
This is your dream - - AMMAN IMMAN

Thank you once again for making our work for the children of the Azawak possible!

With love and peace,



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