Montessori of Maryknoll students support Amman Imman: Water is Life

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Montessori of Maryknoll Bake/Plant Sale
By: patbates
05/07/09 04:07 PM

Montessori of Maryknoll Students supporting the Water is Life Project

Montessori of Maryknoll held their annual bake and plant sale on Tuesday, May 5th. The Kindergarten Enrichment class sponsors this event every year to coincide with their study of Africa. The event benefits the Amman-Imman or Water is Life project, which drills boreholes for building wells in Niger, Africa. Montessori schools across the country are participating in this event. Our students understand that they are helping to provide clean water to a desert area that is in desperate need. The students baked both at home and at school and also grew tomato, basil and coleus plants in class for the sale. The sale this year made $233 but when combined with other students at other schools that are helping also, the students felt a great sense of empowerment. The realization by our preschoolers and kindergarteners of the great need in other parts of the world and empowering them to act on it at a young age is what Maria Montessori referred to as "Cosmic Education".

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