International Relief and Development (IRD) comes to Tangarwashane

- special contribution to the blog by Ariane Kirtley, Amman Imman founder and director
The international non-profit organization, IRD recently began working in the Abalak region of the Azawak. The organization has chosen Tangarwashane as one of the villages where it will intervene. Its first project is to reforest the area around the borehole and protect the land as more and more people and animals come to use the borehole. It has already begun planting 500,000 trees, and has set up a management committee to ensure that the program succeeds.

One of our goals when bringing water is to inspire other organizations to provide other desperately needed help. Since we built the Tangarwashane borehole, a functional school has been built, adult classes are being held for men and women, and now environmental measures are being established. I feel certain that little by little health, agriculture, and livestock programs will also come to Tangarwashane, and eventually aid will sprout and spread throughout the Azawak thereby helping communities to flourish in all the land.


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