Amman-athon Day, May 14, 2008

Special contribution to the blog by Oneness-Family School 6-9 teacher Madhavi Ray
Last year some of the 6-9 students at the Oneness-Family School participated in "A Walk For Water" on a Saturday at Lake Frank to raise money for building a well for the people of the Azawak. It was a very gratifying experience for the children. As they walked around a beautiful huge lake of water that day, their thoughts were filled with hopes of helping to bring water to the children of the Azawak. When Monday came these students shared their experience with the rest of the class. The other children wanted very much to be able to participate in a project during the school day (as some of them are unable to participate during the weekends) in which the entire class could do something together to raise funds for the children of the Azawak.

So the class put their heads together and brainstormed about different projects they could do. The students talked about many ideas and came up with “Amman-athon Day” in which they would be engaged in jumping rope, dribbling balls, hopping on one foot, doing jumping jacks, hula hooping, shooting baskets and running laps to raise funds for the Azawak.

The children have solicited parents, friends and neighbors to pledge a certain amount of money for how many hoops, jumps, hops, runs, dribbles or baskets they can do in five minutes.

Students practice shooting baskets and jumping rope for Amman-athon Day

“Amman-athon Day” will take place on Wednesday, May 14 at Norwood Park in Bethesda, MD. The students have been practicing every week for the past month and look forward to doing as many repetitions as they can to raise funds for water for the children of the Azawak.


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