A Global Education: Amman Imman Project Teaches Universal Values

In a December 1 posting (Student Ideas Fill Water Bottles With Money), we introduced the Harbor Montessori School in Gig Harbor, Washington whose Upper Elementary and Middle School students are joining with Montessori students around the world to build a Well of Love in the Azawak. The students are taking their leadership role seriously by going out into their school community and making presentations. They are also organizing projects to raise funds that will culminate at their Earth Day celebration in April.

An article in the Harbor Montessori school news, posted November 30, details the student's efforts. The following excerpt provides a thoughtful reflection on how student involvement with Amman Imman synchronizes with the basic tenets of a Montessori education:
The Amman Imman Project is the perfect Montessori project, as it incorporates all four pillars of our curriculum—Passion for Excellence (academic rigor), Global Understanding, Universal Values and a Culture of Service. Amman Imman has inspired our children to pursue research and create Powerpoint presentations. It has provided our children with a “real-life” global perspective of their world. Amman Imman has generated kindness (one of the Universal Values), and it has helped students’ self-confidence grow as it demonstrates how they truly can make a difference through community service even if they are “only a child”. Our children are better global citizens because of this project, as it has been a great way to teach our children about Earth's resources, how we need to be aware of our environment and take care of it, and how we can help others in need.

Read the rest of this article on the school's website at this link: http://www.harbormontessori.org/index.php?script_id=328


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