New website launched!

A new website that will enable us to share more information in a variety of ways about the Amman Imman partnership as a grassroots initiative within Montessori schools has been launched. Currently, we are streaming a 38 minute video, narrated by Ariane Kirtley, about conditions in the Azawak and Amman Imman's work through January, 2007. You can reach the main page at this link,

The site, a resource for schools, currently contains three pages (more to come soon!):

Welcome page
This page provides a brief summary
of the partnership
between Program Amman Imman and Montessori schools.

Amman Imman Movie, Jan. 2007
This 38 minute movie
has Ariane Kirtley
Program Amman Imman
up through January, 2007.
Ariane narrates
a power point presentation
interspersed with live footage from the Azawak.
"Each student can save so many lives. Are there students
in Montessori schools in America and internationally
that will want to take part in this project and raise
enough money to build one well and help save
the lives of 25,000 people? I hope so."

First Borehole at Tangarwashane, July 2007
This page displays photos of the
Tangarwashane borehole, completed in July, 2007.
A brief description of the borehole structure
and faucet system is shared here.
The purpose of this page is to continue the story
from where the Jan. 2007 movie leaves off.

A grassroots movement such as this depends on a consistent sharing of information. This blog that you are reading right now has the purpose of being a continually renewing source of information about how schools around the world are participating and supporting Amman Imman's work in the Azawak of West Africa.

The new website will be a repository for movies and other resources that schools can use to educate their students, engage their communities and raise awareness about the plight of the people in the Azawak and their story of hope as they gain access to water. It is our intention that this will greatly aid you, your students and greater community in learning about the project. Stay tuned as we add pages, photos and other media files.

We gratefully acknowledge Tercelin Kirtley, Ariane Kirtley, Lynda Allen (Odyssey Montessori) and Scott McCoy (Odyssey Montessori) for taking part in putting together this video. Also, a big thank you to Heather Zirkle for streaming the video to this new website.


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