The Efforts of Young Children Exceed Expectations

When Vicki Rowe and Anja Geelan began to engage New Zealand schools in the Amman Imman project through A Walk For Water, they had no idea that the children would take to the project with such enthusiasm. Anja reports that two months later the children are still talking about the Azawak and every child can locate Niger on the African puzzle map. Now we find out that the students and their families raised well over the initially projected amount of $NZ3500! The Executive Office of the Montessori Association of New Zealand will be submitting the following to Montessori International:
New Zealand Montessori Schools Support Water for Niger Project

New Zealand Montessori early childhood centres have raised over $NZ4500 to support the Amman Imman: Water is Life Project. The amount raised has exceeded the expectations of Anja Geelen and Vicki Rowe, New Zealanders who encouraged other NZ Montessori centres, schools and families to help raise funds to drill deep wells in the Azawak region of Niger.

In New Zealand five small Montessori schools are delighted to have raised money for the children of Niger. Most of the funds were raised through a sponsored A Walk for Water, held as part of the Montessori centenary parade to the NZ Parliament on August 31.

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