Palmetto Montessori School: Inspiring the Spirit of Giving

Kristie Norwood heard about Amman Imman in February when she attended MEPI's Hands for Peace conference in Myrtle Beach, SC. After talking with Maureen Keeling and Megan Mason from the Odyssey Montessori School at the MEPI Conference about Amman Imman, Kristie wanted to get her son's school, the Palmetto Montessori School of Ridgeway, South Carolina, involved in the project.

To get her son's class involved, she shared a book with them, A Kid's Guide to Giving, written by fourteen-year-old Freddi Zeiler, that contains suggestions and ideas from a kid's perspective on raising money for worthy causes.

Recently, Kristie wrote to me with an update on the school's efforts:
We held a small bake sale this past Thursday and raised $200.00! Its a small amount compared to what is needed, but the children were thrilled as they counted the money. We are having a send off party tomorrow when we mail off the check. As a parent I am so proud of the students! One other parent, Julie McCrary, helped with the sale which has inspired others. Just as I had hoped, our sale produced a chain reaction of interest. We will discuss what the next fundraiser will be during the summer. I heard they wanted to do a toy drive! I am so proud!
Congratulations to Kristie, Julie, the students, teachers and all the parents at Palmetto Montessori! We are all very proud of you as well! (Read about the toy drive held by Odyssey Montessori school back in March!)


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